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                                            Developing World Class Field Hockey in Maryland

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SPark Field Hockey Club is a premier, not-for-profit field hockey club in Maryland whose mission is to promote the development of high quality field hockey players who are competitive at any level.  Through its developmental leagues and travel teams, SPark Field Hockey Club provides young women between the ages of eight and eighteen with world-class technical training in a positive, competitive atmosphere so that all athletes can reach their full potential.

SPark Announcements....


SPark Spring Hockey Registration Now Open!

Indoor Skills & Scrimmage and Outdoor Skills & Drills
more information on SPark Spring Skills Clinics

Register for SPark Spring Hockey

SPark Spring Club Hockey at UMD (U14, U16, U19 only)
more information on SPark Club Hockey at UMD

Register for SPark Club Hockey


Congrats to all the SPark Basket Fundraiser Winners!
Thank you everyone for your support!!!

1. "Lets Travel": Eddie Sobol 
2. "Stay Fit": Jen Wilson 
3. Ziplining Adventure: E. Justis 
4. Kindle Fire, In Ear Beats: Vince DiPietro 
5. "Backyard Fun": Phil Keane 
6. "Shop til you Drop": Charnock
7. "SPark Gear": Amy Ryan 
8. "Day at the Mall": Selene German
9. "Mother Daughter Spa Day": Rachel Hartley
10. IPad Mini, Beats: Kim 
11. "Day at the Beach": Julia S.
12: "Go Caps!":Frank Roden 
13: "Girls Day Out": Jennifer Miller 
14: Beats Wireless Headphones: Joe Borneman


Congrats to SPark U12 !
2015 NIT Pool Winners !!!

SPark U12 - NIT Pool Winners!


Congrats to SPark U14 Lions !!
3rd Place at USFH Junior Premier Indoor League!

SPark U14 Lions


SPark U14 Lions - 1st Place - Friends of the Fallen

SPark U19 Tigers - 1st Place - Friends of the Fallen

SPark U12 Tigers - 1st Place - Friends of the Fallen

SPark All-State Athletes!
Kayla White, Kara Seigel, Connor Allen, Ally Pollak, Noelle Frost,
Jess Valvano, Ena Belch
(not pictured: Jen Bleakney, Regan Leavitt, Olivia Reiter)

SPark Athletes commit to college FH - Congrats!!
Regan Leavitt/Michigan, Jen Bleakney/Syracuse, Olivia Reiter/UMD, Jessica Valvano/Dartmouth


SPark National Pool Championships:

NIT:  2013 U19, 2011 U16, 2011 U14, 2009 U14, 2008 U19, 2007 U16, 2005 U19, 2003 U16, 2001 U14
Festival: 2007 U19, 2006 U19, 2004 U19
Disney:  2010 U16
NICC:  2011 U16, 2010 U19, 2010 U14, 2009 U19, 2008 U16
MD Club Championship:  2013 U19, 2010 U19

SPark Futures Elite Championship Participants:
Marissa Balleza3x, Maeve Doherty3x, Ena Belch, Noelle Frost, Regan Leavitt

SPark USA Outdoor Junior U17 Participants:
Regan Leavitt, Noelle Frost

SPark Junior Olympics Participants: 
Marissa Balleza3x, Elizabeth Mata3x, Maeve Doherty3x, Casey Pohlmeyer2x, Kelsey Fielder2x, Regan Leavitt 2x,Jaclyn Anspach, Anna Haley, Abbi Horn, Amanda Himmelheber, Sabrina Davis, Kayla Devlin, Melissa Rize, Danielle Maines, Noelle Frost, Ena Belch, Ashley Leverett, Regina Openshaw, Emily Thomas

SPark National Futures Championship Participants:
Marissa Balleza5x, Casey Pohlmeyer5x, Elizabeth Mata5x, Sabrina Davis4x, Maeve Doherty4x, Abbi Horn4x, Regan Leavit4x, Danielle Maines4x, Amanda Himmelheber3x, Claire Horn3x, Kat Varga3x, Sophia Openshaw2x, Hannah Balleza2x, Jaclyn Anspach2x, Kelsey Fielder2x, Melissa Rize2x, Anna Haley2x,  Kayla Devlin2x, Sam Slattery2x, Jess Valvano2x, Regina Openshaw2x, Emily Thomas2x, Emily Penn, Kaylee Pohlmeyer, Nell Bragdon, Emma Slattery, Lindsay Ladas, Olivia Reiter, Ashley Leverett, Ena Belch, Amy Wright, Noelle Frost, Marissa Poliks, Kayley Williams, Logan Beal, Maddie Gutkowski

SPark Women's National Jr Indoor Team Participants:
Marissa Balleza, Maeve Doherty, Liz Mata

SPark Women's National Indoor Team Participants:
Hannah Balleza, Ashley Dalisera, Casey Pohlmeyer, Lyndsey Heppner, Carissa Hyman, Jamie Tierney, Maeve Doherty, Liz Mata

SPark USA High Performance Team Participants:
Casey Pohlmeyer 2x

SPark Men's National Indoor Team Participants:
Jesse Larson

Message Board

CANCELLATIONS:  Please note that we DO NOT follow the AACO Inclement Weather Cancellation Policy. Please check the SPark Message Board for league, tournament, or practice delays or cancellations.

Congrats to SPark U12 - NIT Pool Winners - 2015!

Congrats to SPark U14 Lions - 3rd place at JPIL!!

Congrats to U16 Cheetahs - Qualified for NITs !!

Congrats to U19 Lions -
Qualified for NITs!!

Congrats to Liz Mata, Maeve Doherty and Jen Bleakney - Playing on the US Team in the 4 Nations Tournament in Canada and the Training Tour in Germany!

Congrats to Noelle Frost - named to the 2014 Harrow Sports NFHCA High School All American Team.

Congrats to the following SPark Athletes named to the Washington Post All Metro Field Hockey Teams:
1st Team: Jen Bleakney
2nd Team: Noelle Frost, Olivia Reiter, Ena Belch, Kayla White
Honorable Mention: Ally Pollak, Jess Valvano

Congrats to Ena Belch and Noelle Frost for making the 2014 Harrow Sports NFHCA High School Mid-Atlantic Team!!

Congrats to SPark athletes selected for All County FH Teams:
Ena Belch Erin Cresswell Regan Leavitt, Ashley Leverett Regan Littell, Ally Pollak,, Olivia Reiter Jess Valvano, Kayla White, Logan Edmondson, Madelyn McAteer, Gina Openshaw, Kara Seigel.

SPark will be sending 1 U16 and 1 U19 team to compete at the 2015 Disney Tournament!

Congrats to Noelle Frost - Selected for USA U17 Squad!! Awesome!!

Congrats to the following SPark U16 Athletes selected to compete at Junior Olympics:
Ena Belch, Noelle Frost, Ashley Leverrett, Regina Openshaw and Emily Thomas!!

Congrats to Ena Belch and Noelle Frost -selected for Jr. National Camp!!

Congrats to SPark U16 - 2nd place at JPOL!!

Congrats to Maeve Doherty, Regan Leavitt, Noelle Frost and Ena Belch - selected to play at the Futures Elite Championship!

Congrats to following SPark Athletes selected to participate in NFC Tournament!
U19:Linday Ladas, Liz Mata, Olivia Reiter, Jessica Valvano
alt: Kayla White
U16: Ashley Leverrett,Regina Openshaw,Marissa Poliks,Emily Thomas,Kayley Williams
Alt: Madelyn McAteer
U14:Logan Beal, Maddie Gutkowski
alt: Mikayla Borneman

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